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lxw_format Struct Reference

Struct to represent the formatting properties of an Excel format. More...

Detailed Description

Formats in libxlsxwriter are accessed via this struct.

The members of the lxw_format struct aren't modified directly. Instead the format properties are set by calling the functions shown in format.h.

For example:

// Create the Format.
lxw_format *format = workbook_add_format(workbook);
// Set some of the format properties.
// Use the format to change the text format in a cell.
worksheet_write_string(worksheet, 0, 0, "Hello", format);
void format_set_font_color(lxw_format *format, lxw_color_t color)
Set the color of the font used in the cell.
void format_set_bold(lxw_format *format)
Turn on bold for the format font.
Definition: format.h:218
Struct to represent the formatting properties of an Excel format.
Definition: format.h:359
lxw_format * workbook_add_format(lxw_workbook *workbook)
Create a new Format object to formats cells in worksheets.
lxw_error worksheet_write_string(lxw_worksheet *worksheet, lxw_row_t row, lxw_col_t col, const char *string, lxw_format *format)
Write a string to a worksheet cell.
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