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Example of how to generate Excel outlines and grouping.

* Example of how use libxlsxwriter to generate Excel outlines and grouping.
* Excel allows you to group rows or columns so that they can be hidden or
* displayed with a single mouse click. This feature is referred to as
* outlines.
* Outlines can reduce complex data down to a few salient sub-totals or
* summaries.
* Copyright 2014-2021, John McNamara,
#include "xlsxwriter.h"
int main() {
lxw_workbook *workbook = workbook_new("outline.xlsx");
lxw_worksheet *worksheet1 = workbook_add_worksheet(workbook, "Outlined Rows");
lxw_worksheet *worksheet2 = workbook_add_worksheet(workbook, "Collapsed Rows");
lxw_worksheet *worksheet3 = workbook_add_worksheet(workbook, "Outline Columns");
lxw_worksheet *worksheet4 = workbook_add_worksheet(workbook, "Outline levels");
lxw_format *bold = workbook_add_format(workbook);
* Example 1: Create a worksheet with outlined rows. It also includes
* SUBTOTAL() functions so that it looks like the type of automatic
* outlines that are generated when you use the 'Sub Totals' option.
* For outlines the important parameters are 'hidden' and 'level'. Rows
* with the same 'level' are grouped together. The group will be collapsed
* if 'hidden' is non-zero.
/* The option structs with the outline level set. */
lxw_row_col_options options1 = {.hidden = 0, .level = 2, .collapsed = 0};
lxw_row_col_options options2 = {.hidden = 0, .level = 1, .collapsed = 0};
/* Set the column width for clarity. */
worksheet_set_column(worksheet1, COLS("A:A"), 20, NULL);
/* Set the row options with the outline level. */
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet1, 1, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options1);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet1, 2, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options1);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet1, 3, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options1);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet1, 4, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options1);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet1, 5, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options2);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet1, 6, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options1);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet1, 7, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options1);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet1, 8, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options1);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet1, 9, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options1);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet1, 10, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options2);
/* Add data and formulas to the worksheet. */
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A1"), "Region", bold);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A2"), "North", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A3"), "North", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A4"), "North", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A5"), "North", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A6"), "North Total", bold);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("B1"), "Sales", bold);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet1, CELL("B2"), 1000, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet1, CELL("B3"), 1200, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet1, CELL("B4"), 900, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet1, CELL("B5"), 1200, NULL);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet1, CELL("B6"), "=SUBTOTAL(9,B2:B5)", bold);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A7"), "South", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A8"), "South", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A9"), "South", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A10"), "South", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A11"), "South Total", bold);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet1, CELL("B7"), 400, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet1, CELL("B8"), 600, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet1, CELL("B9"), 500, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet1, CELL("B10"), 600, NULL);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet1, CELL("B11"), "=SUBTOTAL(9,B7:B10)", bold);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet1, CELL("A12"), "Grand Total", bold);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet1, CELL("B12"), "=SUBTOTAL(9,B2:B10)", bold);
* Example 2: Create a worksheet with outlined rows. This is the same as
* the previous example except that the rows are collapsed. Note: We need
* to indicate the row that contains the collapsed symbol '+' with the
* optional parameter, 'collapsed'.
/* The option structs with the outline level and collapsed property set. */
lxw_row_col_options options3 = {.hidden = 1, .level = 2, .collapsed = 0};
lxw_row_col_options options4 = {.hidden = 1, .level = 1, .collapsed = 0};
lxw_row_col_options options5 = {.hidden = 0, .level = 0, .collapsed = 1};
/* Set the column width for clarity. */
worksheet_set_column(worksheet2, COLS("A:A"), 20, NULL);
/* Set the row options with the outline level. */
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 1, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options3);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 2, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options3);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 3, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options3);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 4, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options3);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 5, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options4);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 6, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options3);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 7, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options3);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 8, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options3);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 9, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options3);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 10, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options4);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet2, 11, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &options5);
/* Add data and formulas to the worksheet. */
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A1"), "Region", bold);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A2"), "North", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A3"), "North", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A4"), "North", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A5"), "North", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A6"), "North Total", bold);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("B1"), "Sales", bold);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet2, CELL("B2"), 1000, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet2, CELL("B3"), 1200, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet2, CELL("B4"), 900, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet2, CELL("B5"), 1200, NULL);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet2, CELL("B6"), "=SUBTOTAL(9,B2:B5)", bold);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A7"), "South", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A8"), "South", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A9"), "South", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A10"), "South", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A11"), "South Total", bold);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet2, CELL("B7"), 400, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet2, CELL("B8"), 600, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet2, CELL("B9"), 500, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet2, CELL("B10"), 600, NULL);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet2, CELL("B11"), "=SUBTOTAL(9,B7:B10)", bold);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet2, CELL("A12"), "Grand Total", bold);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet2, CELL("B12"), "=SUBTOTAL(9,B2:B10)", bold);
* Example 3: Create a worksheet with outlined columns.
lxw_row_col_options options6 = {.hidden = 0, .level = 1, .collapsed = 0};
/* Add data and formulas to the worksheet. */
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("A1"), "Month", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("B1"), "Jan", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("C1"), "Feb", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("D1"), "Mar", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("E1"), "Apr", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("F1"), "May", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("G1"), "Jun", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("H1"), "Total", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("A2"), "North", NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("B2"), 50, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("C2"), 20, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("D2"), 15, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("E2"), 25, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("F2"), 65, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("G2"), 80, NULL);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet3, CELL("H2"), "=SUM(B2:G2)", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("A3"), "South", NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("B3"), 10, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("C3"), 20, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("D3"), 30, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("E3"), 50, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("F3"), 50, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("G3"), 50, NULL);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet3, CELL("H3"), "=SUM(B3:G3)", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("A4"), "East", NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("B4"), 45, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("C4"), 75, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("D4"), 50, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("E4"), 15, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("F4"), 75, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("G4"), 100, NULL);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet3, CELL("H4"), "=SUM(B4:G4)", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet3, CELL("A5"), "West", NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("B5"), 15, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("C5"), 15, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("D5"), 55, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("E5"), 35, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("F5"), 20, NULL);
worksheet_write_number(worksheet3, CELL("G5"), 50, NULL);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet3, CELL("H5"), "=SUM(B5:G5)", NULL);
worksheet_write_formula(worksheet3, CELL("H6"), "=SUM(H2:H5)", bold);
/* Add bold format to the first row. */
worksheet_set_row(worksheet3, 0, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, bold);
/* Set column formatting and the outline level. */
worksheet_set_column( worksheet3, COLS("A:A"), 10, bold);
worksheet_set_column_opt(worksheet3, COLS("B:G"), 5, NULL, &options6);
worksheet_set_column( worksheet3, COLS("H:H"), 10, NULL);
* Example 4: Show all possible outline levels.
lxw_row_col_options level1 = {.level = 1, .hidden = 0, .collapsed = 0};
lxw_row_col_options level2 = {.level = 2, .hidden = 0, .collapsed = 0};
lxw_row_col_options level3 = {.level = 3, .hidden = 0, .collapsed = 0};
lxw_row_col_options level4 = {.level = 4, .hidden = 0, .collapsed = 0};
lxw_row_col_options level5 = {.level = 5, .hidden = 0, .collapsed = 0};
lxw_row_col_options level6 = {.level = 6, .hidden = 0, .collapsed = 0};
lxw_row_col_options level7 = {.level = 7, .hidden = 0, .collapsed = 0};
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 0, 0, "Level 1", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 1, 0, "Level 2", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 2, 0, "Level 3", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 3, 0, "Level 4", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 4, 0, "Level 5", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 5, 0, "Level 6", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 6, 0, "Level 7", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 7, 0, "Level 6", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 8, 0, "Level 5", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 9, 0, "Level 4", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 10, 0, "Level 3", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 11, 0, "Level 2", NULL);
worksheet_write_string(worksheet4, 12, 0, "Level 1", NULL);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 0, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level1);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 1, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level2);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 2, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level3);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 3, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level4);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 4, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level5);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 5, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level6);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 6, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level7);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 7, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level6);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 8, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level5);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 9, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level4);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 10, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level3);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 11, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level2);
worksheet_set_row_opt(worksheet4, 12, LXW_DEF_ROW_HEIGHT, NULL, &level1);
return 0;
void format_set_bold(lxw_format *format)
Turn on bold for the format font.
Struct to represent the formatting properties of an Excel format.
Definition: format.h:359
Options for rows and columns.
Definition: worksheet.h:840
uint8_t hidden
Definition: worksheet.h:842
uint8_t level
Definition: worksheet.h:845
Struct to represent an Excel workbook.
Definition: workbook.h:293
Struct to represent an Excel worksheet.
Definition: worksheet.h:2108
#define COLS(cols)
Convert an Excel A:B column range into a (col1, col2) pair.
Definition: utility.h:64
#define CELL(cell)
Convert an Excel A1 cell string into a (row, col) pair.
Definition: utility.h:46
lxw_workbook * workbook_new(const char *filename)
Create a new workbook object.
lxw_format * workbook_add_format(lxw_workbook *workbook)
Create a new Format object to formats cells in worksheets.
lxw_error workbook_close(lxw_workbook *workbook)
Close the Workbook object and write the XLSX file.
lxw_worksheet * workbook_add_worksheet(lxw_workbook *workbook, const char *sheetname)
Add a new worksheet to a workbook.
lxw_error worksheet_set_column_opt(lxw_worksheet *worksheet, lxw_col_t first_col, lxw_col_t last_col, double width, lxw_format *format, lxw_row_col_options *options)
Set the properties for one or more columns of cells with options.
Definition: worksheet.h:77
lxw_error worksheet_set_column(lxw_worksheet *worksheet, lxw_col_t first_col, lxw_col_t last_col, double width, lxw_format *format)
Set the properties for one or more columns of cells.
lxw_error worksheet_set_row(lxw_worksheet *worksheet, lxw_row_t row, double height, lxw_format *format)
Set the properties for a row of cells.
lxw_error worksheet_set_row_opt(lxw_worksheet *worksheet, lxw_row_t row, double height, lxw_format *format, lxw_row_col_options *options)
Set the properties for a row of cells.
lxw_error worksheet_write_string(lxw_worksheet *worksheet, lxw_row_t row, lxw_col_t col, const char *string, lxw_format *format)
Write a string to a worksheet cell.
lxw_error worksheet_write_number(lxw_worksheet *worksheet, lxw_row_t row, lxw_col_t col, double number, lxw_format *format)
Write a number to a worksheet cell.
lxw_error worksheet_write_formula(lxw_worksheet *worksheet, lxw_row_t row, lxw_col_t col, const char *formula, lxw_format *format)
Write a formula to a worksheet cell.