Data Fields
lxw_chart_font Struct Reference

Struct to represent a chart font. More...

Detailed Description

See Chart formatting: Fonts.

chart_data_labels.c, and chart_fonts.c.

Data Fields

char * name
double size
uint8_t bold
uint8_t italic
uint8_t underline
int32_t rotation
lxw_color_t color
uint8_t pitch_family
uint8_t charset
int8_t baseline

Field Documentation

◆ name

char* lxw_chart_font::name

The chart font name, such as "Arial" or "Calibri".


◆ size

double lxw_chart_font::size

The chart font size. The default is 11.

◆ bold

uint8_t lxw_chart_font::bold

The chart font bold property. Set to 0 or 1.

chart_data_labels.c, and chart_fonts.c.

◆ italic

uint8_t lxw_chart_font::italic

The chart font italic property. Set to 0 or 1.

◆ underline

uint8_t lxw_chart_font::underline

The chart font underline property. Set to 0 or 1.

◆ rotation

int32_t lxw_chart_font::rotation

The chart font rotation property. Range: -90 to 90, and 270-271. The angle 270 gives a stacked (top to bottom) alignment. The angle 271 gives a stacked alignment for East Asian fonts.


◆ color

lxw_color_t lxw_chart_font::color

The chart font color. See Working with Colors.


◆ pitch_family

uint8_t lxw_chart_font::pitch_family

The chart font pitch family property. Rarely required, set to 0.

◆ charset

uint8_t lxw_chart_font::charset

The chart font character set property. Rarely required, set to 0.

◆ baseline

int8_t lxw_chart_font::baseline

The chart font baseline property. Rarely required, set to 0.