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Data Fields
lxw_workbook_options Struct Reference

Workbook options. More...

Detailed Description

Optional parameters when creating a new Workbook object via workbook_new_opt().

The following properties are supported:

In constant_memory mode each row of in-memory data is written to disk and then freed when a new row is started via one of the worksheet_write_*() functions. Therefore, once this option is active data should be written in sequential row by row order. For this reason worksheet_merge_range() and some other row based functionality doesn't work in this mode. See Constant Memory Mode for more details.
Also, in constant_memory mode the library uses temp file storage for worksheet data. This can lead to an issue on OSes that map the /tmp directory into memory since it is possible to consume the "system" memory even though the "process" memory remains constant. In these cases you should use an alternative temp file location by using the tmpdir option shown above. See Constant memory mode and the /tmp directory for more details.
constant_memory.c, and output_buffer.c.

Data Fields

uint8_t constant_memory
const char * tmpdir
uint8_t use_zip64
const char ** output_buffer
size_t * output_buffer_size

Field Documentation

◆ constant_memory

uint8_t lxw_workbook_options::constant_memory

Optimize the workbook to use constant memory for worksheets.


◆ tmpdir

const char* lxw_workbook_options::tmpdir

Directory to use for the temporary files created by libxlsxwriter.

◆ use_zip64

uint8_t lxw_workbook_options::use_zip64

Allow ZIP64 extensions when creating the xlsx file zip container.

◆ output_buffer

const char** lxw_workbook_options::output_buffer

Output buffer to use instead of writing to a file


◆ output_buffer_size

size_t* lxw_workbook_options::output_buffer_size

Used with output_buffer to get the size of the created buffer