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Example of using libxlsxwriter for writing large files in constant memory mode.

* Example of using libxlsxwriter for writing large files in constant memory
* mode.
* Copyright 2014-2021, John McNamara,
#include "xlsxwriter.h"
int main() {
lxw_row_t row;
lxw_col_t col;
lxw_row_t max_row = 1000;
lxw_col_t max_col = 50;
/* Set the worksheet options. */
.tmpdir = NULL,
.use_zip64 = LXW_FALSE,
.output_buffer = NULL,
.output_buffer_size = NULL};
/* Create a new workbook with options. */
lxw_workbook *workbook = workbook_new_opt("constant_memory.xlsx", &options);
lxw_worksheet *worksheet = workbook_add_worksheet(workbook, NULL);
for (row = 0; row < max_row; row++) {
for (col = 0; col < max_col; col++) {
worksheet_write_number(worksheet, row, col, 123.45, NULL);
return workbook_close(workbook);
uint16_t lxw_col_t
Definition: common.h:47
Definition: common.h:54
Definition: common.h:52
uint32_t lxw_row_t
Definition: common.h:41
Workbook options.
Definition: workbook.h:269
uint8_t constant_memory
Definition: workbook.h:271
Struct to represent an Excel workbook.
Definition: workbook.h:293
Struct to represent an Excel worksheet.
Definition: worksheet.h:2108
lxw_workbook * workbook_new_opt(const char *filename, lxw_workbook_options *options)
Create a new workbook object, and set the workbook options.
lxw_error workbook_close(lxw_workbook *workbook)
Close the Workbook object and write the XLSX file.
lxw_worksheet * workbook_add_worksheet(lxw_workbook *workbook, const char *sheetname)
Add a new worksheet to a workbook.
lxw_error worksheet_write_number(lxw_worksheet *worksheet, lxw_row_t row, lxw_col_t col, double number, lxw_format *format)
Write a number to a worksheet cell.