Data Fields
lxw_image_options Struct Reference

Options for inserted images. More...

Detailed Description

Options for modifying images inserted via worksheet_insert_image_opt().

image_buffer.c, and images.c.

Data Fields

int32_t x_offset
int32_t y_offset
double x_scale
double y_scale
uint8_t object_position
char * description
char * url
char * tip

Field Documentation

◆ x_offset

int32_t lxw_image_options::x_offset

Offset from the left of the cell in pixels.

image_buffer.c, and images.c.

◆ y_offset

int32_t lxw_image_options::y_offset

Offset from the top of the cell in pixels.

◆ x_scale

double lxw_image_options::x_scale

X scale of the image as a decimal.


◆ y_scale

double lxw_image_options::y_scale

Y scale of the image as a decimal.

◆ object_position

uint8_t lxw_image_options::object_position

Object position - use one of the values of lxw_object_position. See Working with Object Positioning.

◆ description

char* lxw_image_options::description

Optional description of the image. Defaults to the image filename as in Excel. Set to "" to ignore the description field.

◆ url

char* lxw_image_options::url

Add an optional hyperlink to the image. Follows the same URL rules and types as worksheet_write_url().


◆ tip

char* lxw_image_options::tip

Add an optional mouseover tip for a hyperlink to the image.