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Data Fields
lxw_chart_options Struct Reference

Options for inserted charts. More...

Detailed Description

Options for modifying charts inserted via worksheet_insert_chart_opt().


Data Fields

int32_t x_offset
int32_t y_offset
double x_scale
double y_scale
uint8_t object_position
const char * description
uint8_t decorative

Field Documentation

◆ x_offset

int32_t lxw_chart_options::x_offset

Offset from the left of the cell in pixels.


◆ y_offset

int32_t lxw_chart_options::y_offset

Offset from the top of the cell in pixels.

◆ x_scale

double lxw_chart_options::x_scale

X scale of the chart as a decimal.

◆ y_scale

double lxw_chart_options::y_scale

Y scale of the chart as a decimal.

◆ object_position

uint8_t lxw_chart_options::object_position

Object position - use one of the values of lxw_object_position. See Working with Object Positioning.

◆ description

const char* lxw_chart_options::description

Optional description or "Alt text" for the chart. This field can be used to provide a text description of the chart to help accessibility. Defaults to the image filename as in Excel. Set to NULL to ignore the description field.

◆ decorative

uint8_t lxw_chart_options::decorative

Optional parameter to help accessibility. It is used to mark the chart as decorative, and thus uninformative, for automated screen readers. As in Excel, if this parameter is in use the description field isn't written.