Data Fields
lxw_rich_string_tuple Struct Reference

Struct to represent a rich string format/string pair. More...

Detailed Description

Arrays of this struct are used to define "rich" multi-format strings that are passed to worksheet_write_rich_string(). Each struct represents a fragment of the rich multi-format string with a lxw_format to define the format for the string part. If the string fragment is unformatted then NULL can be used for the format.

merge_rich_string.c, and rich_strings.c.

Data Fields

char * string

Field Documentation

◆ format

lxw_format* lxw_rich_string_tuple::format

The format for a string fragment in a rich string. NULL if the string isn't formatted.

merge_rich_string.c, and rich_strings.c.

◆ string

char* lxw_rich_string_tuple::string

The string fragment.