Data Fields
lxw_workbook_options Struct Reference

Workbook options. More...

Detailed Description

Optional parameters when creating a new Workbook object via workbook_new_opt().

The following properties are supported:

In constant_memory mode a row of data is written and then discarded when a cell in a new row is added via one of the worksheet_write_*() functions. Therefore, once this option is active, data should be written in sequential row order. For this reason the worksheet_merge_range() doesn't work in this mode. See also Constant Memory Mode.

Data Fields

uint8_t constant_memory
char * tmpdir
uint8_t use_zip64

Field Documentation

◆ constant_memory

uint8_t lxw_workbook_options::constant_memory

Optimize the workbook to use constant memory for worksheets.


◆ tmpdir

char* lxw_workbook_options::tmpdir

Directory to use for the temporary files created by libxlsxwriter.

◆ use_zip64

uint8_t lxw_workbook_options::use_zip64

Allow ZIP64 extensions when creating the xlsx file zip container.