Data Fields
lxw_protection Struct Reference

Worksheet protection options.

Data Fields

uint8_t no_select_locked_cells
uint8_t no_select_unlocked_cells
uint8_t format_cells
uint8_t format_columns
uint8_t format_rows
uint8_t insert_columns
uint8_t insert_rows
uint8_t insert_hyperlinks
uint8_t delete_columns
uint8_t delete_rows
uint8_t sort
uint8_t autofilter
uint8_t pivot_tables
uint8_t scenarios
uint8_t objects
uint8_t no_content
uint8_t no_objects

Field Documentation

◆ no_select_locked_cells

uint8_t lxw_protection::no_select_locked_cells

Turn off selection of locked cells. This in on in Excel by default.

◆ no_select_unlocked_cells

uint8_t lxw_protection::no_select_unlocked_cells

Turn off selection of unlocked cells. This in on in Excel by default.

◆ format_cells

uint8_t lxw_protection::format_cells

Prevent formatting of cells.

◆ format_columns

uint8_t lxw_protection::format_columns

Prevent formatting of columns.

◆ format_rows

uint8_t lxw_protection::format_rows

Prevent formatting of rows.

◆ insert_columns

uint8_t lxw_protection::insert_columns

Prevent insertion of columns.

◆ insert_rows

uint8_t lxw_protection::insert_rows

Prevent insertion of rows.

◆ insert_hyperlinks

uint8_t lxw_protection::insert_hyperlinks

Prevent insertion of hyperlinks.

◆ delete_columns

uint8_t lxw_protection::delete_columns

Prevent deletion of columns.

◆ delete_rows

uint8_t lxw_protection::delete_rows

Prevent deletion of rows.

◆ sort

uint8_t lxw_protection::sort

Prevent sorting data.

◆ autofilter

uint8_t lxw_protection::autofilter

Prevent filtering data.

◆ pivot_tables

uint8_t lxw_protection::pivot_tables

Prevent insertion of pivot tables.

◆ scenarios

uint8_t lxw_protection::scenarios

Protect scenarios.

◆ objects

uint8_t lxw_protection::objects

Protect drawing objects. Worksheets only.

◆ no_content

uint8_t lxw_protection::no_content

Turn off chartsheet content protection.

◆ no_objects

uint8_t lxw_protection::no_objects

Turn off chartsheet objects.